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  • Naked Php  v.0.1Naked Objects pattern for php world. A framework to enable developers to concentrate on the domain model without worrying about the presentation and infrastructure part, which is automatically generated.
  • Apache Wicket Viewer for Naked Objects  v.1.0An implementation of an object-oriented UI for Naked Objects framework, implementing using Apache Wicket.
  • Naked RCP  v.1.0Eclipse RCP-based viewer for the Naked Objects Framework.
  • Naked Objects on the NetBeans Platform  v.1.0An implementation of a viewer for Naked Objects framework using the NetBeans Platform.
  • Naked Objects' Sister Projects  v.1.0Umbrella project for sister projects of the Naked Objects framework. Holds such stuff as a corporate POM, Maven site skin, and defines the development environment standards, along with links to the sister projects themselves.
  • Naked Rails  v.1.0Naked Rails is a quasi-implementation of Naked Objects. Unlike NO, it uses Ruby on Rails. The graphical front end is written in Javascript using Prototype 1.6.0 and Scriptaculous libraries and runs on most browsers, including IE6.
  • ZiNO is Naked Objects  v.1.0ZiNO stands for "Zino is Naked Objects", it consists of a framework that provides naked objects development to ZK (Ajax with no javascript).
  • NMBGCAC  v.1.0New Mexico State Alliance of Boys & Girls Club is a 501c4 is a non profit organization that seeks funds to help Boys & Girls Clubs through out New Mexico receive funding.
  • Reglisse  v.2From a population of boys and girls, sets groups according to up 13 criteria. CrA ...
  • JPexeso  v.0.8Board game for memory training for two players. Possible to play against AI (different types). The game has support for themes. Cars, houses, girls :-) ...
  • NiceView  v.1.0A simple slide show program, it shows a images of naked womans from sourceforge niceview webpage (backup copy from, a lot of them are from (
  • RCP Viewer  v.1.0Eclipse RCP viewing mechanism for Naked Objects. Also tooling support for developing Naked Objects applications.
  • Ovulyashki  v.rcWoman calendar is the Windows app. Easy to use and understand user friendly application. Control and predict women menstruations, baby birth date and gender, Basal Body Temperature, etc. The main goal is to help girls get accustom as quick as possibl ...
  • Elco  v.1.0ELCO stands for Embedded Lisp COmpiler or Esdens Lisp COmpiler. The goal is to create a lisp compiler for embedded 32bit architectures. (i.e. ARM) With this compiler you are able to write lisp code on a naked chip. No OS needed.
  • Catapult Framework  v.1.0The web framework for domain driven development and naked objects pattern. Write your web app with Java, Groovy or Scala or even mix these languages.
  • Vaadin Objects  v.1.0A sister project for Naked Objects framework, providing custom UI components for assembling Ajax applications, based on the Vaadin web UI toolkit with Naked Objects for the backend. Vaadin was formerly called IT Mill Toolkit.
  • JPA Objects  v.1.0A Naked Objects object store using the Java Persistence API (with Hibernate as the underlying implementation).
  • Groovy Objects  v.1.0Support for writing domain-driven applications in Groovy, running on the Naked Objects framework.
  • Misc Objects  v.1.0A sister project to the Naked Objects framework, of various extensions (for example, programming model facets) that are not otherwise significant enough to have their own open source project.
  • Pink Browser  v.1.0.0101Pink Browser is a free web browser designed carefully for girls.
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